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Hornnetsecurity takes care of protecting your systems from attacks

Product Overview

Honetsecurity costs, per mailbox, 20 sek/month.

This includes adequate protection for the mailbox regarding all incoming mail.

Regarding outgoing mail, a cost is added.

The advantage of outgoing mail control is that all external media you have for your computer, USB memory etc., are reviewed and stopped if there are viruses, which is obvious with this product.

The ease of getting started is the best, no hardware, no software, no major investments.

Just a redirect to HornetPlant!

Around the clock all year round. HornetPlant is constantly running, hunting viruses and other nasties on the Internet.

Through their constant operation, they ensure that your computer environment is not affected.

365, 12, 24

Step 1

Not all problems pass HonetPlant, it is let through of course.

The IT professionals at HS put a lot of effort into defining and rebuilding the systems so that they are suitable for the changes that Hackers are constantly trying to make

Finds and assesses threats

step 2

Because there are fast moves in this industry, solutions to new threats are quickly found, every minute.

Through their action, you always get safe protection

Take action to help you

Step 3

Monitors the threats, assesses the level of the threat, and takes action!

Let Hornetsecurity do the work!

Powerful, vigilant, easy to use

Only 20 sec/month/mailbox, a cheap insurance to avoid being attacked and having to spend a lot of money to restore your data environment

Start with Hornetsecurity today!

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